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Azusa + Makoto

drachryn in rotationdis

Hello ^^

I'm looking for Disney music in Swedish or German. I don't have much I can offer in return, except  the German Hunchback musical soundtrack.

I can also offer version Utaite music from NicoNicoDouga (a Japanese website- I collect the CDs of many of the singers on it, which can be very hard to find online.) I have a few Jay Chou albums, and tons of idolm@ster/vocaloid music.
I can upload a selection of random Japanese music on request, I'm just sorry that none of it would be disney!

Thank you for the trouble!


*_______* The Mulan soundtrack? Please?
I uploaded to sendspace here:

If sendspace isn't good, or there's a problem, please let me know! ^^

If you want to email links, instead of using comments (some people don't like to do that) then my email is chaa.dreaming@gmail.com -- I don't mind.

Edited at 2012-04-30 06:10 pm (UTC)
I have Hercules and the 1996 moive Hunch back in German. I'd be happy to just give them to you.