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Stock: Frozen Bubble

lily_kohai in rotationdis


Hello everyone! I hope the community's asleep and not deserted >__<

I was wondering if anyone had the Finnish soundtrack of Frozen? It may be a little soon to ask, I realize, but I really didn't like Idina Menzel for Elsa and I loathed the French translations, so English and French are out for me to fangirl on, I'm sad XD
(I have both to trade if anyone's interested, though ^__^)

Thanks in advance!



All of the Finnish versions I have seen were live theater recordings on YouTube. Seems strange as there are official Dutch, Danish, Norwegian tracks out there. There don't appear to be official soundtracks for Finland, Sweden, Iceland yet.
I know, I find it strange, too :(

There is one channel on YouTube that has good cam versions (of all except Let It Go, which is weird because they have otherwise a multilanguage version of it), but the sound it still a bit low, so they're not ideal to snag...

I hope there will be official soundtracks soon!! >_
There will be no Finnish Frozen soundtrack. The only good versions will come when the DVD & Blu-Ray comes out in Finland.