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World Disney Music

Multilingual Disney music for all!

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A place to share multilangual Disney music
Welcome to the community where we all share our Disney and Disney-like music! What good is it having a bunch of cool music if you do not share it? That is what this community is for. Sharing. Ah, the power of love.

Right now there is open posting allowed, and it is likely to stay that way, so take advantage of it!

Originally I was going to make this a Disney rotation, hence rotationdis but I changed my mind. I'm bad at staying devoted to something for extended periods of time. If anyone would like to do a normal rotation, feel free!

Now for a few rules:

1. Respect other community members.
2. Please comment when you take music. It not only is a nice thing to do, but it makes the uploader feel like they actually did something good by posting their music up for us.
3. Respect.
4. Comment.
5. Notice a pattern?

Have fun everyone!