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I'm new..and French music?

Hello! I am new to Live Journal and also this page! I am looking for French Disney music, any and all, but also Cinderella (Cendrillon) if possible. I'm trying to compile a gift for my sister who is studying French and of course loves Disney! I don't really have anything to trade, other than English Disney music, and also musical theatre, including some musicals in German!

(I would also be interested in German Disney as well because I am learning German!)

So, yeah :) Thanks a bunch!



Hello :D

I was so sure I had Cinderella's OST, but the only one I can find is 'Tendre Rêve' -the french version of 'A dream is a wish your heart makes' :s I can still upload it for you, or send it ^^

I also have the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, the whole OST, and an Anastasia song, even if it's not a Disney :p Still looking for others, cause I was sure I had more than that. Like Beauty and the Beast. "vexed"
Anastasia SHOULD be Disney! But yes, I would love the one song from Cinderella, and if you find anything else :) I don't know how this works...do people upload things or e-mail or..? Sorry :-p
Well, I used to just upload whatever I wanted on MegaUpload and post the link, but... XD

There's plenty other uploading sites, so I can still do that; or since it's just a song, I think it would fit in a mail, if you'd prefer ^^
Cool! Either way would be perfect if you could send me the one song? Thanks!

Here you are ^^
Thanks :) So pretty!!
Wow yes and yes overall, if possible! German musicals I have:
Jekyll & Hyde
Die Schöne und das Biest (2 versions)
Elizabeth (like 4 different versions!)
Rebecca (my favorite!!)
Tanz der Vampire
a few Company songs
Marie Antoinette
Mamma Mia
Les Mis...
actually it could be easier if you just go to this website and download them, but either way :-p
then you search through them, or search "German" or w/e

Thanks! I got them :) :) So awesome!